Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monet kysymykset pohtia- Many Questions to ponder

  1. Who created God?
  2. Who gave us spirits?
  3. What came before everything?
  4. How are we in existance?
  5. How is it possible that we ourselves think freely with out anyone hearing?
  6. Are we the fools?
  7. How do we actually control our hands?
  8. Is this another life like suggested by sephanie meyer in her book host?
  9. Why is it so hard to comprehend?
  10. Why do we loose some of our knowledge?
  11. What are we doing here right now?
  12. Is time travel possible?
  13. Is there another world going on right now?
  14. Is there no begining, no end?
  15. Do we really ever die?
  16. What is heaven really like?
  17. What is outside of everything?
  18. Can our fate be known?
  19. How can we tell were really here, and that were not experincing some weird Avatar thing?
  20. Does our brain have a limit to how much we can learn?
  21. Is there a bigger master plan?
  22. Why is it so hard to imagine the past but easy to imagine the future?
  23. If we really end up to be Kings and Queens and rulers, will we be like god, or will we be god?
  24. Will we create our own planet?
  25. How long is forever?
  26. What do we do in heven?
  27. Why am I the only one blogging questions?
  28. Do others really have thoughts or is that just me?
  29. Will I ever know the answers to these questions?
  30. Can this really be my last question?
If you have the answers please leave a comment!